Take a minute to look around your community during this busy holiday season. I would wager that no matter where you live in the Mountain State, you won’t have to look too far to see someone hurting — someone afflicted with some sort of mental illness or battling an addiction. They might be y…

On June 17, 2015, Dylan Roof walked into the Emanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina, and sat with a group during Bible study. After approximately one-half hour, Roof pulled a pistol out of his backpack and killed nine church members, all of whom were African American. Roof was an a…

In 1988, a precocious 12 year old residing in the CCCP (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) composed a letter detailing her family composition, her community dynamics and her personal preferences. This was the first step in her strategy to connect with similarly aged young ladies from aroun…

As I sat in Boston on Friday morning, preparing to attend the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism Convention, I was reading the Charleston Gazette-Mail. I was greatly disturbed by two articles, one on the inappropriate picture of a Nazi salute by a class of West Virginia correctional o…

During November legislative interims, a persistent message was once again confirmed by data: We can and must do more for the children in foster and kinship care in our state. We have known about the problems for years. On its face, the continued failure to support our kids is bad enough. How…

I used to hate Mister Rogers. You could fit an entire script for an episode on an index card because nothing happened. Fred Rogers opened the door and immediately changed his clothes. While he talked, he took his somewhat ratty sweater from his fake closet and slowly put it on. For some reas…

Funerals for Friday, December 13, 2019

Alderman-Foster, Jewel - 11 a.m., O’Dell Funeral Home, Montgomery.

Baisden, Justin - 11 a.m., Koontz Funeral Home, Hamlin.

Bradley Sr., Richard - 1 p.m., John H. Taylor Funeral Home, Spencer.

Cook, Timmie - 1:30 p.m., Marmet Cemetery.

Cox, Delano - Noon, Leonard Johnson Funeral Home, Marmet.

Doolittle, Robert - Noon, Taylor-Vandale Funeral Home, Spencer.

Dye, Charlotte - 2 p.m., Matics Funeral Home, Clendenin.

Feamster, Dorothy - 11 a.m., Lewisburg United Methodist Church.

Johnson, Melva - 2 p.m., Cunningham - Parker - Johnson Funeral Home, Charleston.

Kile, Lula - 1 p.m., Keith Full Gospel Church, Keith.

Kinser II, Ray - Noon, Simons - Coleman Funeral Home, Richwood.

Leftwich, Trillis - 1 p.m., Stevens & Grass Funeral Home, Malden.

Orndorff, Verna - 1 p.m., Hughes Creek Community Church.

Tawney, Paul - 2 p.m., Handley Funeral Home, Danville.