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America no longer exists as a powerhouse in the world.

The America that existed as a place of hope is gone.

In its place is a hard land, unyielding and heartless. A place where humanity can’t breathe. Where far too many of its inhabitants are so full of self righteousness and hate they mimic an ancient fable: They can’t hear, are mute and blinded to wrong.

They are complainers whose current leader lacks the intellect to ease their pain or sympathize with their self-absorbed plights.

We no longer have a nation of people. In its place stands a loud-mouth sect who are accepting of and enabling injustice.

For example, I stood in shock and awe as a national honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, was wrapped around the neck of a man so vile as Rush Limbaugh. A powerful honor that once meant something to this country’s people now hangs from the neck of a mere mouthpiece for the most degrading and pompous leadership ever to dirty a once White House.

Written history was meant to give us a chance to learn, admit frailties and correct each one when the opportunity arose. Not retrace steps that end in periods and times not our own.

Yet, under this presidential leadership and its hoard of cronies in Congress and government seats across this country, America’s flag no longer tells the story of a nation formed and united.

It’s defeat is one that will studied by informed and free governments for years to come. Upon the pages will be a tale of unbelievable selfish and idiotic loyalty to nothing of greatness.

If we don’t scramble in the next few days to unseat this travesty of errors we call a White House and uproot as many of its loyal stool pigeons across this nation, this America will one day be represented by a white flag bearing a swastika, sickle and hammer.

That’s not a joke. It’s not a made up analogy. It is what it is.

The “whys and hows” are placed at every American’s feet.

By standing complicit (I do love that word) while White House leadership rewrote this country’s Constitution and corrupted this country’s legal system, followers went to their fear-ridden knees in servitude.

We now live under an umbrella that shelters unapologetic garbage. It’s stench has reached the nostrils of our allies and feeds a sickness we call dictatorships.

While hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from a virus under this leadership and many more lie in heartbreaking numbers gasping for breath, a singular political party has defiled this great nation.

The only lesson worth duplicating under this Trump-led White House is that this country’s people have to rise in great numbers, stand shoulder to shoulder (socially distanced), and stare down their enemies, if necessary, to vote.

Vote out of office everyone affiliated with that party.

True, loyal and sane Americans can fill their empty seats while at the same time letting their successors know that we the people hold the power in this country, not some second-rate political party.

America is a democracy, and if you are out there attempting to influence or corrupt how Americans pick their leader, get on the same boat your ancestors came over on and stroke your way back to their motherland.

The not-so-great Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., made a statement to his state’s minority groups that not only shocked me, but made me lose my lunch. Not to quote word for word but, in essence, he insinuated that the freedoms they now hold dear can only be sustained under Republicans.

He didn’t tell the white folks that. So what is Graham really saying? There’s no person of color running on any Republican ticket for president. No female either.

Evangelical Republicans know God doesn’t like ugly. They also know that if you look toward and at the far right in this country, you will see a whole lot of ugly that is not of God.

Americans have an opportunity to use the Electoral College system for good this time.

Get out and vote. And remember the past four years when you do.

Can I get an Amen?

Donna Willis lives in Institute.