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Now is not the time to play at being a know-it-all, nor is it game time for implementing your own own agenda. People are sick and dying, and we need to be addressing the needs of the people, not saving any future generation’s purses.

Who’s to say whether any of our grandchildren will applaud the foolishness that has taken place since COVID-19 flew into our airports on the backs of the privileged? Hopefully, any I might have will hang their heads in shame and ridicule the actions of those who have stalled any effort to be done with the pandemic once and for all.

If ever born, they will learn from verbal history being passed down from generation to generation that Granny was very dissatisfied with several politicians from West Virginia who wasted our time and theirs in Congress.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., is one of those politicians. Yes, we’ve all noticed that he has been working hard on making a name for himself during the past five years.

It’s unfortunate that the name I most frequently hear him called from born-and-bred West Virginians who now live out of state is rude and crude and I have no doubt would be considered offensive in nature to Manchin.

Much of our population has been taught that, if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything. However, there are times like now, when your voice falls on deaf ears (Manchin’s), leading you to use whatever means necessary to open those digits so the words that are coming out of a mouth are heard.

Manchin clearly has an agenda, and let me just say I’ve witnessed less-tacky ones in my 66 years.

I’ll never forget the whole “Welcome to West Virginia ... Open for Business” signs that greeted travelers to this state under Manchin as governor, which no doubt was changed after a few, “Seriously! All you need is a big red flashing light on the poles, and we’re in the money!” comments from loyal constituents of this state.

Suffice it to say that, if any future bid for the office of the presidency is dancing in Manchin’s head, he might want to hire a better slogan writer in the future.

The man has clearly shown us all that he thinks more of Donald Trump than he does his own party’s president. I don’t know why. I don’t care why. I only know the foolishness must stop.

His frequent verbal support of all things Trump caused me many a restroom trip, and it’s sad to say that at least one of his “stand with Trump” votes is responsible for adding another morally depraved dud to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Manchin needs help, and I’m not talking about the kind that requires a couch and psychiatrist.

He needs to take a few class hours in loyalty at the Republican School for Wayward Thinkers. A course that Mitch McConnell, Jim Jordan, Shelley Moore Capito and the majority leadership in the West Virginia Legislature clearly aced.

A functional brain would conclude that, if the mines aren’t being mined, any job will do, a thought that surely scraped the top of Manchin’s noggin as it sailed over.

Moreover, if I’m crossing one of this state’s many rickety bridges and it collapses under me and I die while Manchin is playing “King of Disruptions,” me and the man upstairs are going to have a long talk about lightning bolts and the seat of Manchin’s pants. And have no doubt, I will be calling dibs on the first bolt up for throwing.

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People are suffering, and Congress has a duty to recognize, institute and deliver what is best for the American people living now.

The people pay the bills in this country. Congress should be supporting their employers during this time. Note, please, that poor folks in this instance aren’t necessarily broke. What they are is sick and tired of the constant grandstanding via the lone fence-rider.

None of us, Manchin included, is promised tomorrow. With that little tidbit in mind, Manchin, myself and this entire country’s population should be cleaning up our act., showing some love and acting like competent adults. Every child lying in a hospital bed suffering from COVID-19 is a victim of adult stupidity.

I have no doubt that the man upstairs has his own snitches, and some may very well have passed from this life into the next behind Congress’ unwillingness to act on their behalf.

Joe Biden has been entrusted by a majority vote to act in our stead, and I, for one, want to see him given the same opportunities Republicans begged us to give Trump.

And if that means his party has to stand as one — then Manchin and his friends across the aisle better learn to sit down, shut up and wait to be asked if they support America or a defunct duck.

So far, Manchin’s opinions are worth a penny, and I feel slighted. Either Manchin or this state’s Democratic Party has some explaining to do.

As for any future generation’s suffering being a direct result of a today’s necessary action to ease Americans’ financial worries, help put bread on their tables, keep a roof over the needy’s heads, save constituents homes, repair needed infrastructure and provide jobs for the unemployed, well all I can say is that’s for them to figure out.

As for today, Manchin needs to know he’s not president.

No single man from West Virginia is going to mend what is broken in Congress. That job will always fall to voters in a democracy.

I don’t believe Manchin supporters sent him to Washington to fix the lack of bipartisan voting on the Senate floor.

We the people are far from dumb. Trump broke Congress, and what shards he left lying around on the House and Senate chambers’ floors are irreparable.

Only a puppet master can cut the strings off his dummies, and, right now, he sits in Florida all by his little itty-bitty self. Plus, I abhor the idea of any loyal patriotic West Virginia Democrat sitting with broken riffraff.

If Manchin wants an agenda that will show him in a good light, he needs to back President Biden, and quit stabbing him in the back.

Donna Willis lives in Institute.

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