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Donna Willis: Patriotism first, please

What Senate Republicans are too cowardly to say to their POTUS consists of three words, but in essence, if spoken repeatedly and often would show the world, America’s allies and foes alike what true American patriotism really looks like.

My family’s history in this country is void of any reason to be indebted or willing to happily sacrifice one’s life with undying love. For European immigrants whose ancestors found a haven of hope and prosperity, a different American experience exists in their hearts. Where we stand as one is in reading, understanding and comprehending the English language.

The words patriot and patriotism lack luster when a country is so divided that even dictionary definitions are rewritten by one man’s nonmilitary service history interpretation. And until the entire congressional body, who’ve sworn to uphold the most prized work America has on paper, the Constitution, stands up to him, this nation will be viewed in future annals as a country without a spine.

A president who believes himself more powerful than those who wield this nation’s purse, and can override any and all dictates of a president, is a person who needs to be harshly disciplined with a dose of reality.

As a history buff, I don’t remember another time in this country’s existence where fear of voters’ insanity have ruled over the workings of Congress like it is today.

Elected officials who are so willing to shun their duty to this country out of fear of losing a seat in Congress aren’t patriots but cowards.

Those who stand idly by while one man’s narcissistic, lunatic rants destroy our standing as a world leader are not patriots.

Trump doesn’t love this country or its people, because, if he did, his actions would be that of a patriot.

A true patriot doesn’t mock its lawmakers just to get his way. A true patriot abhors the use of racist rhetoric to draw voters to the polls in his favor. A true patriot would never waste American taxpayers hard-earned tax dollars chasing behind dictators who are known for using deadly force against their people, who sex traffic children and women and who hack journalists’ bodies into small pieces to make a statement.

A patriot doesn’t stand behind a president who practices any of the above. A patriot fails their country when a habitual liar is allowed to make a laughingstock of America before the world.

If the above is going to continue to be the standard that not only Republican voters and its congressional representatives will stand behind, I believe I’m right in not practicing faux patriotism just because my ancestors’ lands were stolen and claimed by Europeans.

America’s enemies operate in Washington as governmental representatives these days, thanks to Trump supporters and Republicans who refuse to be anything but Republican Party members.

Patriotism isn’t just putting your life on the line to serve in this nation’s military, it’s standing up against injustice, racism, bigotry and protecting this country’s image.

When allies inflate an image of America’s president in nothing but a diaper, it should be considered by every voter in this country not as an insult, but a depiction of how the world sees this president. A baby in the position of a leader. A person who believes himself a reborn messiah and whose demands are seen as babyish, instead of diplomatic.

And finally, the very politicians in this country that stood silent while Trump heaped America’s tax debt on the backs of voters are cowards.

Trump has done nothing to bring jobs to this country that didn’t exist under that black man.

The three words the Republican congressional body needs to say to Trump are: “Patriotism first, please.”

Donna Willis lives in Institute.

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