Fred Dillion: Hoping GOP chairwoman Potter is wrong about Trump's reelection (Opinion)

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I don’t know West Virginia Republican Party Chairwoman Melody Potter from Adam, but I pray to God that she is wrong about the reelection of our current presidential disaster — Donald J. Trump. Pundits have said he did not expect to win and he demonstrates his unpreparedness and unfitness for office on a daily basis.

His tax cut was the biggest in 30 years and 90 percent of the benefit went to the richest people in America and to corporations. On the opposite page to Potters’ recent op-ed in the Gazette-Mail, you can see an article that says our deficit this year is now up to $1 trillion. The Trump tax cut did nothing to help average Americans, but it certainly has saddled us, our children and their children with generations of debt. I’m as middle class as they come and my tax burden went up. Arguing in favor of this tax cut is partisan nonsense.

As it pertains to protecting America, the stupid border wall does nothing except keep hard-working people from having an opportunity to escape disasters in their home countries and to have a better life for themselves and their children in America. If you pay attention to our national demographics, white citizens are the oldest average age group in the nation. Without immigration, the nation is going to begin to shrink away to nothing. The aging of the white population and the browning of America are irreversible trends. Our best bet is not to vilify immigrants but to embrace them and give them the opportunity to help continue to build the country, as previous generations of immigrants did. Many of those Irish, Polish and German immigrants were vilified in their day, too.

Then there’s the economy. Unemployment is low and the stock market remains strong, but Trump doesn’t get the credit for these trends. The previous administration laid the groundwork for undoing the damage caused by the greedy financial industry in 2008 and that work brought us back from economic disaster. It was Trump’s good fortune to inherit positive economic progress. He certainly didn’t create it.

Trump promised to save the coal industry and bring back those jobs. Such a promise defies the basic economics of coal. It’s getting harder to get to and it is a dirty source of energy that most power plants cannot afford to continue to use anyway. Regardless, the promised restoration of coal jobs has not happened and won’t — market forces determine that trend, not empty presidential promises based in ignorance.

Some people may praise Trump for his appointments of conservative judges, but the long-term impact is likely the restriction of our individual rights, including the right to choose. Whatever your personal opinion on abortion, Planned Parenthood is about so much more than that, including providing the birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place. In my opinion, when the social consequences of abortion include holding the men equally responsible for these pregnancies, I will moderate my views.

As for foreign policy, you can lump the Iran accords, the Syria pullout, abandoning responsible support for the climate accord, the trade war with China, etc. among Trump’s foreign policy disasters. America‘s reputation in the world cannot survive another four years of his ignorance and protectionism. We’ve already relinquished our democratic leadership in the world in less than three years, something that took generations and tens of thousands of American lives to build. His kowtowing to Putin, Kim Jong Un, Erdogan, etc., have diminished America’s stature.

Donald Trump is a despicable human being. He cheated in business and cheated his contractors and vendors out of millions of dollars. He was a cheat in his many marriages and has had to pay off porn stars and Playboy bunnies to try keep the scandals out of public view.

Donald Trump is not fighting for average Americans. He doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself. I hope the impeachment process gets the gutless Senate Republicans to act and remove this traitor from office. If he somehow escapes the consequences of his shameless self-dealing through impeachment, the voters need to kick him out of office before it is too late for this country to salvage its place in history.

Fred Dillon lives in St. Albans.

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