John Palmer: Get ready for election time gambits from GOP (Opinion)

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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In an astonishing June 26 editorial, The Wall Street Journal lambasted President Donald Trump and his campaign.

Obviously, the WSJ favors capitalism and the Republican Party. How could it be then, that they would not support a president who, through tax “reform” and business deregulation, gave their readers so much? Surely, the looming prospect of “socialism” would cause them to circle the wagons.

Indeed, we eventually might expect the WSJ to do just that, but it has become obvious to them that the continuously on-display odious aspects of DJT could cause not only his defeat but also a Republican loss of the U.S. Senate. Then, Katie bar the door, higher taxes and (ugh!) environmental and safety reregulation. One measure of their desperation might be the use of the term “empathetic” to describe an aspirational American value.

The values the WSJ and DJT favor will always have a voice. Losers need not be considered until election time rolls around. The smothering of public U.S. voices from outside New York City would not be problematic to these folks. Indeed, if the editorial policy of the Gazette-Mail and other West Virginia newspapers comes to be set by out-of-state, conglomerate editorial bureaucrats, that would, in their thinking, constitute a step forward. Pharmaceutical firms lying about pain killers and dying coal companies reneging on their obligations would cease to be matters for public discussion. For now, however, the WSJ is eager to concoct a platform of diversionary policies to mollify angry-at-the-elite voters: school choice for K-12, vocational education as an alternative to college and building opportunity zones for tax “reform” are suggested.

It might be that such a grab-bag of pseudo-populism would be enough to push DJT over the line but, as the WSJ notes, Trump offers no second-term platform at all. Whiney rehearsals of his lèse-majesté grievances are DJT’s response to COVID-19, the death of George Floyd and everything else.

The WSJ‘s desperation should not, however, be a signal for Democratic Party complacency. As they note: “His ‘law and order’ message might resonate if disorder and rioting continue.” Indeed so. In fact, one would not be surprised if some false-flag disorder was purposely generated by DJT supporters to create fear and a rally-round-the-flag response. Fear, chaos and intimidation are the DJT métier. Those Tea Party folks were amateurs compared to him.

Those who would displace the orange man must, therefore, adopt a policy of calm but resolute determination: Write letters, get bumper stickers, gently proselytize acquaintances, engage in online chat, financially and morally support progressives and prepare to get out the vote.

As the WSJ points out: “Now the election is four months away ...”

John D. Palmer, of Huntington,

is a registered independent voter

and frequent Gazette-Mail contributor.

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