Steve Gormezano: Time to remove Trump (Opinion)

I’m a West Virginian who grew up in New York, and I was disgusted with Donald Trump’s antics long before he ever became president.

One of his latest scams that he had to pay off was $25 million for his fake university. People have gone to jail for scamming less. Neither he, nor any member of his family, is allowed to operate a charity in the state of New York because they stole from what was supposed to be a children’s cancer fund.

As president, he has started a trade war that has cost jobs and hasn’t helped anyone. In fact, it has slowed economies all over the world. That’s what uncertainty does to businesses. His tax breaks were not targeted to promote businesses of the future, but as a way to pay off his political donors. He has not invested in infrastructure. He is not the “greatest friend” to the LGBTQ community, like he said. He has built no new border wall, just replaced or repaired existing walls. The border could use more agents and technology to be more effective. Walls can be gone under, over and through.

We have no better health care coverage like he promised (“cheaper and better”). In fact, there is no plan from him or his party that improves our system of health coverage. Democrats want either a “public option” — so anyone can buy into Medicare — or complete coverage for everyone with the government as a one-payer system, like the rest of the developed nations of the world.

Trump committed campaign finance law violations when he paid a porn star to keep quiet through Michael Cohen, who is serving time for doing that. Trump is the unnamed co-conspirator in that case. He should not have been allowed to take office after that, or at least after he asked Russia, on U.S. national television, to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails and thereby get involved in our elections, which they did. (It has recently been found that there was no crime committed by Clinton with her private server.)

When Trump, in Helsinki, took Putin’s word over our own intelligence agencies about Russian meddling into our election, I thought that Trump was acting like a traitor. Well, the CIA thought so too, and they pulled a Russia asset out of Russia who had access to Putin’s desk, right after Trump’s performance at that time.

Trump also treated refugees, following the law, seeking refuge at our border, like criminals. He separated children from their parents and guardians, and locked people up as if they were terrorists. His latest move in Syria, abandoning the Kurds, our allies, to their death, and allowing ISIS detainees to escape and Russia to plant flags on what was to be the Kurds’ homeland, is another stain on our national honor.

How much more can Republican Senators take?

Trump has been committing obstruction of justice just about every day for months now, by claiming executive privilege and trying to block people from testifying and his refusals to turn over documents. Recently he talked about shutting the government down because too much truth is coming out about his actions in the impeachment inquiry.

Our Congress needs to stay on its path, and let the American people see what that truth is. Our Republican Senators must put country before party, and preserve what we can of our democracy, our country and our collective soul as a nation.

Steve Gormezano lives in Gandeeville.

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