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Susan Williams: Trump's stupidity has terrible world consequences

As part of a wonderful vacation, last week I stood on the upper deck of a ship to watch the pilot boat led us out of Cherbourg, France. A fellow passenger who was enjoying the sights, too, said he thought the stone fortifications we were looking at in the harbor were probably built by Napoleon.

I took his word for it; I was just enjoying everything I saw. But as we continued to watch and draw closer, I noticed sets of solar panels on the stonework.

Who knew that Napoleon was such a visionary that he would have installed solar panels before anyone else on the planet?

I am guessing Donald Trump would know.

Now, at home, post Fourth of July, I discover Trump is trumping even my Napoleonic joke with his statement that our brave Founding Fathers had airports at their command in their revolutionary battle with the English.

As usual, each time Trump utters something that has no basis in truth (only each time he speaks), thousands of people around the planet jump in to comment about how he knows nothing.

I am certainly part of that chorus. After Trump makes one of his ludicrous remarks, like the time he said Puerto Rico could not be helped after hurricane damage because it “is an island surrounded by big water, ocean water,” we can also watch in amazement as he explains his stupid statements.

Once he was forced to acknowledge that George Washington did not have airplanes at his command, he had to explain why he said such a silly thing. This time, he said he could not read the teleprompter.

Now I am not jumping in here to bring up the fact that Trump criticized Barack Obama for using a teleprompter. Obama was always well-spoken, factual and measured in his speaking. Three things Trump will never be accused of.

Orange One, you needed a teleprompter to tell you airports were unavailable to General Washington?

Trump still thinks he is a great performer, based on his days in television. His assessment of his television abilities is also wrong.

If you have not watched the footage about the airport, please note that he is not looking at the teleprompter as he mutters his message.

I am just a poor girl from Falls View with no medical credentials. But I think he was caught up in the rockets’ red glare. I think that image sent his brain soaring (its one trip). Rocket man thought if they have rockets, they must have airports or launching pads.

Others may think this is another sign of dementia. And, I am sure there are many people in my camp: We know he is dumber than a box of door knobs. His dumbness knows no bounds and shows itself constantly.

Besides his complete lack of knowledge on any subject, we citizens also have to put up with his outright lies. He continues to say, even though many people have corrected him and surely he does know the truth, that his father was born in Germany.

He makes false statements based on his prejudices. In a brief walk through that category, we have Trump saying all Mexicans are rapists and all Muslims are terrorists.

Then there is the category of false political promises. Mexico will pay for the wall and coal jobs are coming back. Just two of many. Play this game at home and see what your favorites are.

He makes horrible statements about people of foreign birth who come to America for work, but he will not admit his hotels and golf courses benefit from the work of undocumented aliens.

His current wife sought work in America as an undocumented porn star.

His helpful suggestions category can be amusing. To stop fires in California, rake the forests like the Finnish do.

No one has the time or patience to go through his whole geography blunders category. It is so huge and never stops growing.

As we all know, he has no ability to spell. This category, likewise, is voluminous and growing with each new tweet.

Want to go to the science category for 10 points? Our planet is clearly warming and species are dying. But Mr. Wizard has no such knowledge. He is so obsessed with and prejudiced against migrants that he puts their children in cages. He needs to understand that the whole world will see more migration as people flee their homes where they can no longer grow crops to feed themselves because climate change makes their homelands unlivable.

He lies about his lays. He married one porn star and paid off others. The most recent information I have read says he is currently fighting allegations from 22 women who say he forced himself on them. The Grabber-in-Chief!

He lies about money and business. He is a record-setting loser in the financial world. But not to hear him tell it. New York Times reporters put pencil to his paper and discovered that from 1985 to 1994, he “appears to have lost more money than nearly any other individual American taxpayer.”

Currently, his only financial success is taking advantage of the American taxpayer. With his Washington hotel, he has flaunted the emoluments clause in the Constitution daily since he took office. He also helps his children to make the most of their time in public life by shilling themselves and their products. The Guardian reported that a company his son-in-law co-owns has made $90 million from foreign investors since he joined the Trump train, and who knows how many shoes daughter Ivanka will sell before Daddy is booted out?

He lies about his health, and he is lying to himself about his appearance. I, for one, do not find the clear impression of his protective glasses across his face used while he takes a fake-bake orange tan attractive. I have read that he thinks his extra-long ties help to give him a slimmer appearance. So wrong.

He lies at work and at play. We know he cheats at golf. His cheating is so well known that Rick Reilly even wrote a more than 200-page book on the subject called “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump.”

He even lies about how much he gives to charity. When those lies became public, his charitable foundation dissolved under the scrutiny.

On the subject of religion, he does not know a Sunni from a Sikh.

From arithmetic to zoology, the Orange One has no demonstrable knowledge of any subject I am aware of.

If Trump returned to television as a carnival act, we could keep the set turned off and never be bothered by him again.

But his stupidity, his prejudices, and his lies have terrible world consequences.

He lies about what he knows and what he does not know. Mix in his prejudices, and we have a toxic mix to deal with.

Susan Williams is a retired reporter for The Charleston Gazette.


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