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Wes Holden

Wes Holden

All of a sudden, we have seen and heard a strange creature in televised political ads and in a recent Gazette-Mail op-ed.

I am assuring voters in West Virginia’s Second Congressional District that when this starts happening, you can be reassured of one thing: Republican Congressman Alex Mooney must be up for re-election.

Mooney’s recent op-ed piece shows that the surest path to victory is to try to make his opponent more disliked than he is, though she does not even have a record to judge.

I have often posted on Facebook, “Where in West Virginia is Alex Mooney”? His campaign reports list thousands of dollars in expenses to Turkish Airlines and Air Portugal. He is definitely more interested in traveling abroad than visiting the Second Congressional District to learn what is on the minds of his constituents. Sadly, he has never held an open, in-person town hall meeting since he was elected to Congress a little less than a decade ago.

In his op-ed, Mooney listed many achievements, though they were actually passed by the Democrats who were led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California. He conveniently omitted to mention that he voted against the “Delivery for America Act,” which was an aid package for the United States Postal Service that would reverse cuts and prevent any effort to slow the delivery of the mail. Fortunately for us, the act did pass.

Mooney, being from out-of-state, must have forgotten that rural mail delivery started in Charles Town, West Virginia, where he apparently lives, 120 years ago.

The idea was so good that within a year, 44 routes were operating in 29 states.

Mooney’s campaign signs actually advertise his name and President Trump’s name on the same sign. Apparently, he is supporting Trump as he is trying to undermine this election by reputing our right to submit a ballot by mail, as well as the mishandling of and misleading information on the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alex Mooney supports mergers that have allowed corporations to increasingly consolidate power, squeezing small businesses, weakening organized labor and suppressing wages. Meanwhile, many of the largest corporations in the country take advantage of loopholes to avoid paying corporate taxes – which is, in effect, corporate socialism.

In 2018, at least 60 of the largest corporations evaded paying more than $16 billion in corporate taxes.

Democrat Cathy Kunkel has campaigned for a fairer economy by reenacting and enforcing antitrust laws to level the playing field for small businesses and entrepreneurs, which is what Americans want. Like her, we are tired of big business dominating our lives and not paying their fair share of taxes, while at the same time shipping our jobs overseas.

As long as voters support politicians like Alex Mooney, we are never going to benefit from our right to be represented on Capitol Hill.

Wes Holden, of Sissonville, is a retired federal employee.