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Readers' Vent: April 22, 2019

Where did the idea come from that government must pay for your health care? For people who are poor or with pre-existing conditions, there are Medicaid and the ACA, but by golly, the rest of you people need to pay your own way, and not expect the rich, or anybody else to do it for you.

Remember that the Founding Fathers (no mothers) only recognized white men with property as full citizens. I don’t think liberal ideas (which are really humane) such as CHIP, Medicare and Social Security are utopian nor a special right. Women, the poor, disabled and gays deserve equal protection under the law.

To the venter who “certainly doesn’t want the federal government involved in my health care and personal business,” doesn’t reporting your income and deductions count as “personal business”? And does that mean you won’t accept Medicare, Medicaid, or VA health care?

The Mueller report is 448 pages. Would take days to read, study and understand. Democrats and their lap dog news media attacked it within minutes of the news conference. That should be enough to show you they’re only interested in one thing.

The Lee Street Post Office doesn’t require taking a number for service. I use that location frequently. You hastily reacted to someone asking if a number is necessary.

We may have had Republican governors for 20 years, but my Democrats controlled the Legislature during that time, and thus controlled the state’s spending. So, yes, Democrats were in control, even if a Republican occupied the Governor’s Mansion.

I would rather do without than to live in a socialist country. I would rather do without than to take something that I didn’t earn.

Thanks for the reason to fear socialism based on the murder of hundreds of millions, now what do I do with all those killed senselessly by democracies throughout the ages. You call upon us to fear government, are you an anarchist? Logic is a tough teacher.

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