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Readers' Vent: April 18, 2019

What liberals have so called given some; they also expect the rest of us to pay for. They come up with these ideas, then expect others to fund their utopia. As for rights, they have given us nothing, the founding fathers gave us our rights. The founding fathers wanted us all to be equal. Liberals want special rights and privileges for some.

Our state has more than one recognized state song, so why not a second state flower? I would like to see the redbud recognized as our second state flower (or tree). A drive up I-79 demonstrates its worthiness to be recognized.

Margaret Thatcher said it best when she said that the main problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money to spend. I think that pretty much sums it up. That’s why we are broke today.

Let’s see — the governor says that he fully intends to pay his taxes at some time. Therefore, next time I need to pay tax on my Big Mac —I’ll just tell the cashier that I fully expect to pay that tax at a later date!

Twenty law enforcement officers chasing one car over 35 miles at high speeds on busy roadways? Did it not occur to any of them that some innocent person could get hurt, maybe killed? Law enforcement needs more training when public safety is paramount to continuing a pursuit!

Nothing is worse than actually believing that the federal government should provide for all our needs and wants. There are things that the government should do like roads, infrastructure, and national defense. But I don’t want the federal government telling me what else I need and I certainly don’t want them involved in my health care and personal business.

Responding to the Republican or anyone who would declare they would never vote for anybody endorsed by a news outlet. Fox is a news outlet, MSNBC is a news outlet, CNN and CBS and PBS are news outlets. They all endorse candidates. I can only conclude that you do not vote. Great citizenship, venter. Logic is a tough taskmaster.

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