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Readers' Vent: April 17, 2019

I wouldn’t worry too much. Eliminating the Electoral College requires a Constitutional amendment. Congress cannot even pass the simplest, most logical measures, much less that.

Regarding the Pops Concert of WVSO, the attendance at the afternoon concert was only 300. That should not be! The Orchestra, working with the schools, should have filled those seats with children who could not afford to attend. C’mon guys, a little imagination...

If defending our nation’s borders, holding these illegals accountable for their actions, holding foreign countries accountable and putting America first is cruel; then sign me up. I’m one cruel individual.

Don’t blame me for making minimum wage, blame my employer who doesn’t share his tax cuts, and doesn’t pay people better as they stay on the job longer and learn new skills. A better paying job isn’t about skill any way, it’s about who you know. If you start at minimum wage you have 14 percent chance of becoming middle class.

The reason to fear socialism is that hundreds of millions of people have been murdered by their socialist governments. They all believed socialism was the answer to everything, just as the person who so naively vented that it is about the cost of prescription medicine. Ask yourself this, “How many people leave the United States to go and live in a socialist country?”

I’m a Republican and I would never vote for Jim Justice. I will never vote for anybody endorsed by a news outlet.

Yes, there’s a long list of things liberals can take credit for. They can also be credited for expanding those things to the point they’ve been abused and full of fraud. Retired workers have fewer SS benefits now because liberals used it to pay for other programs. Why work when you get stuff free?

Our National Debt and budget deficits are increasing. But unsecured personal debt is a problem too. How much would consumer items cost if not for credit cards? Americans have compensated for low wages with high levels of consumer debt. It is a drain on the economy.

It is hard for me to grasp the concept that rich people have an extra $500,000 to bribe someone to get their daughters into a preferred college. If I had their money I’d have a better use for it than bribery, like maybe an actual bona-fide charity, and tell my daughters to get a job and go to community college. I hope they are fined $500,000 at least.

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