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Readers' Vent: April 19, 2019

The opinion page should reflect the state’s political leanings. Historically, the opinion pages have been the left page and the other left page. Since West Virginia has taken a political shift to the right it should be 60 percent right and 40 percent, at most, left. This might even increase readership.

Last week I went to the main post office on Lee Street to buy a book of stamps. There were 3 windows open and 2 people in front of me when I got in line. Shortly after getting in line a person approached me and asked if I had gotten a ticket that was required to get service at windows. Really? Talk about being over staffed! I promptly left and went elsewhere to get my stamps. It’s no wonder the US Postal Service loses billions each year.

Concerning the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris: they say they can’t reproduce the roof rafters that burned because France no longer has oak trees big enough. If the United States has big enough trees, we should donate them to the rebuilding.

Reward offered for purple faux leather bag taken from car in South Charleston on April 15. No questions asked. Don’t care about electronics. Desperately need paperwork of value only to me. See Classifieds for phone number to return.

I use the information from several news sources and compare. Then I reach my own opinion before voting. I don’t vote for somebody because a local editor hates a certain political party.

Just saw a picture of a delicious looking hamburger from a diner in downtown Charleston on social media. I’d love to have one, but I refuse to risk my life going into Charleston and parking my car for anything.

The mayor of Montgomery should offer living quarters to as many asylum seekers as possible. Thousands of square feet of state owned property is setting empty and Montgomery is hurting for commerce.

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