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Readers' Vent: April 13, 2019

Mother Nature did what the city of Charleston and the state DOH couldn’t or wouldn’t do — take down that ugly orange “construction ahead“ sign on I-64 in front of the beautiful “Charleston“ sign.

Sudan is finally getting rid of its dictator, and they say they want democracy. What the rest of the World means by democracy is usually different than what we mean. To others, democracy and freedom usually only means a change in dictators and victims.

Young people grow into the culture in which they are raised. Guns are all around; guns become normalized. When a young person uses an automatic rifle, they are doing the expected thing when they pick one and kill with it. Why else do guns exist other than to be used for their intended purpose?

Can’t wait for the wildflowers the DOH is planting along the road to bloom. Might have to walk to see them because it won’t be long before the road won’t be fit to drive on.

Yes Mister Historian, we have had occasional Republican Governors through the years. Great job researching. Now go back to Google and research how many times we’ve had a Republican legislature to work with the Republican Governor.

Pope Benedict is nuts to believe that sexual abuse by priests didn’t occur before 1960. Thank God the current Pope is more logical.

I now see why AEP needed a raise. We the customers of AEP have to pay to renovate the library.

Can anybody tell me where I can find some Penrose Pickled Sausages in a glass jar? It’s been about a year now since I have found any at any store. I have looked all over in small and large stores and no luck finding any.

If causing the rich to pay their fair share of taxes so everyone can have medical care is socialism, so be it.

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