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Readers' Vent: April 15, 2019

I’m confused. When an innocent American is killed by an undocumented immigrant with criminal record and multiple deportations, is the immigrant an “asylum seeker” or “illegal”?

Our roads didn’t deteriorate in the few short years Republicans have been in office. Building and maintaining our roads have been a problem for decades. Billions of dollars spent for a DOH that couldn’t fix a road in a sandbox.

Why do Charleston police officers think it is OK to drive around on a heavily overcast day while it is raining with no headlights in use? Do they not understand the law?

I suppose the benefit of getting rid of the Electoral College is it takes the pressure off. Since New York and California will be deciding all future elections, politicians will only have to campaign in a few major metropolitan areas. Also, West Virginians won’t have a waste their time voting.

The venters that complain about streets in St. Albans need to know that Kanawha Terrace and Walnut Street are not city streets, the are owned and maintained by the WV Division of Highways. Maybe they should contact their state representatives.

Here’s some new words. Our president is morally and intellectually ignorant, with no apparent desire to improve himself. He is also incredibly cruel.

Liberal Democrats not only want to do away with our nations borders, they apparently would like to abolish all state borders as well. We could rename ourselves the People’s Republic of America. The Electoral College, although it could use some tweaking, was a brilliant idea to make sure all states had a voice. Every vote does count —in each individual state.

Yes, we are losing population, but allowing illegals to come here is not the answer. We need jobs especially blue collar jobs and we need to keep our own young people here. That’s what we need to do.

Liberals will never get that raising the minimum wage hurts workers. Companies cut their workforce to cover some of the costs, they pass on the rest of the costs and it also devalues skilled labor because why get a skill when we will just hand you the same money? $10 an hour is more than a fair minimum wage. If you don’t like it get a skill.

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