Readers' Vent: Aug. 26, 2019

How is it that if someone can’t pass the eye test at DMV they can have a letter from their eye doctor saying they can? What’s wrong with this picture? So if someone ever hits me in an accident I will sue the person who hit me plus the idiot who said you could see. Needs to be addressed.

If I ever need a policeman I’d be more than happy to have a tattooed former military member pull up to help. He’s had more life threatening experiences than the clean cut, Boy Scout, paper shuffler cop you want.

Why are schools closed due to no A/C when the forecast is only upper 70s?

Look people. Stop littering the highways and waterways with trash. Take the crap home and dispose of it properly. Stop being the stereotypical West Virginians.

Now we can put casino in old Macy’s. Build walkway to new convention center. Then build new hotel with walkway to both. Makes sense to me.

Senator Capito will be re-elected. I predict that her support of President Trump will be an asset. She gives good constituent service. If you want a sharp stick in the eye, just try to get something out of Manchin. The prediction of Capito’s defeat is nothing more than liberal Democrat wishful thinking.

I understand that the power lines along our highways must be kept clear but the spraying of chemicals is a terrible solution. Not only does it look terrible but those chemicals get into our water systems. It’s dangerous to all of us. APCO and the state need to think of the people and animals that are affected by this procedure.

I heard Delegate Sharon Malcolm on the radio declaring war on DOH for the deplorable condition of Edens Fork. Why doesn’t she take care of her own Knollwood neighborhood streets as she promised. Knollwood is caving in.

That’s really rich (pun intended)! Pres. Trump says Danish prime minister made a nasty statement when she said his idea to buy Greenland was absurd. I wonder how the people of Central American countries felt when he said they were from s---hole countries. And he has called numerous detractors “losers.” He is the King of Nasty!

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