Readers' Vent: Aug. 16, 2019

Any West Virginia senator who would vote to ban semi-automatic rifles would vote to ban the Holy Bible.

Forcing elementary children to school at 7 a.m. is causing them to dislike going. Grow up BOE! Do any of you report to work at 7 a.m.?

Something has to be done about the traffic lights at U.S. 119 and Oakwood Road. The lights at the intersection are the very reason traffic on U.S. 119 is so horrible there. I thought traffic lights were supposed to help with traffic not cause it?

Police officers with tattoos all over them look horrible. Our officers used to look clean cut and professional. Tattoos with uniforms look really bad. What has happened?

Have you ever known anyone who would much rather tell a lie than the truth? Would you vote for that person for an elected office?

In regards to Mr. Pulliam wanting to change lawyers and change his plea, I think the man has milked the system long enough. Three different attorneys, mental evaluations etc. All at the states expense and pro bono work for the attorneys. I trust the judge to do the right thing and sentence him. He can always appeal which I’m sure he will.

The opinion page on Wednesday Aug. 14 was very informative. Well worth a month subscription.

Do you know why all the late night comedians make fun of the president? It’s so easy and there’s no chance of being sued for slander because it’s true.

People keep referring to the poem on the Statue of Liberty. Nowhere in that poem does it say people should come here illegally and turn our customs, culture and government into theirs.

The State Fair schedule is always this time of year. It’s the school schedule that is constantly being changed. Why not have a shorter school year and cut out all of those ridiculous days off that are built in. Why should State Fair have to change its schedule each year?

I’m glad I’m not the only one having trouble navigating the line around the intersection at Old Goff Mountain Road in Cross Lanes. It’s as if they stopped painting them. I find myself in the wrong lane.

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