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Readers' Vent: Aug. 29, 2019

To those equating Kool-Aid and cars to guns, I am saddened by your lack of empathy and basic sense. Here is the difference. Kool-Aid was not designed or produced to kill, cars were not designed or produced to kill. A gun’s sole purpose by design is to kill, period. That is why we have a gun epidemic and I hope you can realize that and become part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

A wise ol’ police officer told me a long time ago it’s not enough to be right, you also have to appear to be right. Many young officers need to learn this today.

Can someone explain to me why after the 2016 floods only Richwood had such a hard time using FEMA funds properly. Clendenin, White Sulphur Springs and Rainelle seem to have had no problem putting them to use as intended by FEMA. I would think if three out of four did it right there were some underhanded things going on in Richwood.

I was also bummed out when Ojeda fell out of the race for president. However, I believe he is better suited here in West Virgina and decides to run for governor. We need someone like him in West Virginia.

Ideas for Greenland and controlling hurricanes have been discussed for decades by multiple administrations. It’s never been reported until it may or may not have been discussed by President Trump. The media outlets are like vultures watching the man just waiting for a lame excuse to criticize him and the feeble minded join right in.

The recreation centers in the area either need more pickle ball courts or open the ones they have available more than a couple hours week. Beginners and those of us physically challenged would like to play, but there’s not enough court time for us to play when advanced players show up.

If you’ve ever criticized President Trump because he may or may not have said something sexist, but you watch and support professional sports where players beat and assault their girlfriends and bar room pickups, you might be a hypocrite.

Be kind to one another. It costs you nothing to be kind.

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