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Readers' Vent: Aug. 8, 2019

Some people seem to only blame white supremacy for our domestic terror problem. That’s not right. Anyone that places one race above another is racial supremacy. It’s all wrong, one racial supremacist is just as bad another.

I get my news from BBC America. They don’t have a dog in this fight. It’s as unbiased as it gets. Fox and MSN/CNN both skew the story.

Along with term limits. We also need to add to election laws that anyone holding an elected position must step down if they decide to campaign for another office. Several people are being paid to be congressmen while running around the country campaigning to be president.

I have noticed that almost every event we have in Kanawha Valley is centered around some type of alcohol. Alcohol may be a bigger problem than drugs now.

People from advanced western social democracies, such as Norway, aren’t “swarming” our borders. Desperate refugees are fleeing poverty and violence.

The facility at Slack Street is not making it easy to recycle. The plastics bins are now completely enclosed, except for narrow slits. You have to put pieces in a few at a time instead of just dumping your tote.

Reading all the articles about doctors, pharmacists and pharmacies that worked very hard to make a quick dollar by handing out pills with no regard for the patient or the law. All of these people should be arrested and dealt with just the same as any other drug dealer. The threat to our people is within the borders of our country.

Keep those articles up Phil Kabler. I deeply value being informed about how our elected so-called leaders spend their time giving huge tax breaks to companies in and outside West Virginia in exchange for campaign contributions. As anyone can see millions of dollars are being given to powerful corporations, all on the backs of the working and retired people in this state.

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