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Readers' Vent: Aug 30, 2019

Apparently some people feel they’re so intellectually superior to others they totally miss the point of the “cars, Kool-Aid, guns” comparisons. None of those things, including the ones designed to kill, will kill, unless the person in control of it wants to kill. We have a people problem. Not a gun problem.

Does anybody at Kanawha County Board of no Education have any common sense? Why would you schedule a gym floor to be refinished during the week while school is back in session and causing school to be dismissed because of fumes?

Kanawha County is paying $12,500 per acre, for a 240-acre tract to build the new Herbert Hoover High! That is 3 million taxpayer dollars. This is an outrageous price for land that typically sells for $1,000 to $2,000 per acre in our state. The Elkview Baptist Church should be ashamed. And this decision to buy was made without a vote by the Board of Education, according to the Aug. 16 Gazette-Mail. This is not right!

We all, myself included, give AEP a hard time with power outages. But I’ll say this, yesterday in Alum Creek, a large tree fell over and took out our power. Those guys were there and had our power back on in the early morning hours. I’d just like to say thank you to them for their hard work.

Any solution to any problem that involves stripping the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens is not a solution — it simply creates a new problem. Criminals use guns to commit crimes not law-abiding citizens. Why punish good people for the actions of bad people.

Here’s one to ponder on; in St. Albans the state puts in a unnecessary stop light right in front of a large car dealership that is now creating a traffic jam where none previously existed. It seems to me that a simpler and cheaper solution might have been to make it a no left turn intersection. Hummm? Wonder if politics came into play here?

I pity Florida with a hurricane bearing down because they’re at the mercy of Trump who has no empathy. When anyone needs a helping hand, Trump sees them as morally inferior presenting an opportunity to take advantage of their bad luck. In general, this is the Republican way.

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