Readers' Vent: Aug. 20, 2019

Boone County should call up their old friend Coal.

I hate to tell the reader but we all vote for people that lie to us on a regular basis. That’s normal operating procedures for politicians. You show me a politician that doesn’t lie and I’ll show you one that lost their last campaign. It’s just who they are.

How come every article that I read in your newspaper that is completely ridiculous is from the Washington Post? Only someone with brain damage could possibly agree with the viewpoints they are pushing. Please drop your association with these liberal fools.

Yes. For 200-plus years many cultures from around the world blended together to create our American culture. The “melting pot.” They banded together and fought during WWII to preserve our culture. Many of today’s immigrants want to immigrate here, but refuse to blend in. They want us to change our way of doing things to the ways of where they came from.

Will making good people helpless make bad people harmless? Being firearms-free has not worked too well for the victims of the latest mass shootings.

Have you noticed the same people screaming how banning abortions will cause more illegal abortions are the same people saying banning guns will stop crazy people from killing?

How does a person get solicitors to stop calling? After I’ve answered their call and asked to be removed from their list they continue calling 15-20 times a day. Sometimes no more than 2-3 minutes after you’ve answered their last call. They are calls appearing to be coming from Morgantown. If not there, then Beckley. If not there, then Bob White. They want to appear to be calling from within West Virginia. I’m beyond tired of it!

Is there anyone in the United States who installs outdoor carpet?

How to fix our roads? Hire two more consultants to tell the Division of Highways that our roads need to be repaired. $200,000 would pave First Avenue in Nitro, which is in worst shape ever. Governor, you must do a better job of accounting our tax dollars.

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