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Readers' Vent: Aug. 15, 2019

I feel you should be called a hero only if you put your own life at risk to save another person or animal! If you are not putting your life at risk, you are not a hero.

Four people are killed and two wounded in California with a knife during a crime spree and hardly a word is said. Certainly no next day coverage. Do the same with a gun and that’s all you see on the news for days. Point is, if someone is going to cause someone else harm, gun or no gun, they will find a way. Seems like the only real issue is with how many are killed at one time.

I believe our president has disdain for all folks who aren’t wealthy. It doesn’t matter if you work or you are an immigrant, white or non-white.

Can someone explain why the state fair starts after kids return to school? Don’t they want families to attend?

You see the “environmental” groups protesting and filing suits against anything done by the natural gas industry, but never a word about the much worse destruction of strip mines and mountaintop removal in the coal industry. Why? Maybe we should look at where the financing is coming from for these protesters?

After more than two years of Russia, Russia, Russia, what happened? Was the media peddling a false story? How many times did CNN say the walls were closing in on the president?

Our democracy is in trouble as our institutions and founding tenets are regularly attacked by Trump and his administration. What insidious nonsense it is for White House official Ken Cuccinelli to revise Emma Lazarus’ poem inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty to say that only well-off refugees are welcome? You need to pay attention because Trump is causing great risk and harm to our country.

In this day and time, no state employees should be given a pay raise. None. It’s not fair to come year after year begging for a raise that requires citizens to pay more in taxes when many of those citizens are retired and live on fixed incomes or get no raises themselves at their jobs.

You don’t need guns the police will protect you. Just ask Mr. Epstein.

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