Readers Vent: Dec. 21, 2019

I agree that legal ads need to remain in the local newspaper. However, there needs to be something added. Even in the local paper they are too easy to ignore, and people miss very important information. I’m sure there was something that the Jefferson County folks missed early on in the Rockwool planning process, when public comments might still have mattered.

Big Jim’s new commercial with the football coaches look like a Friends of Coal reunion. You’d think they’d be ashamed to be seen together after the revelation a few weeks ago that are old friend Coal kept global warming under his hat for thirty years before he started lying about it for the last twenty.

Putin told Trump that Ukraine tried to take him out in 2016. Trump believes him over our own national security community. How can Capito and Manchin accept this without making a peep? Are they waiting for the crumbs of power and money that fall their way?

Why is it that Republicans won’t allow any fact witnesses to testify?

Nancy Pelosi backs up her claim that the impeachment is not political by not forwarding it to the Senate in a political move. She also won’t answer questions about impeachment in a press conference the day after the impeachment.

They should get Donald J. Trump under oath and ask him what day of the week it is. He wouldn’t be able to answer without lying. Of course Senator Capito would start talking about time zones or the leap year.

Abraham Lincoln would be sickened by Donald Trump.

Trump has been impeached. Yet, he says he has done nothing wrong. He has made 15,413 false or misleading statements over 1,055 days in office. It’s just another lie. He has done many things immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional. He was only impeached on two.

There must be many millionaires hidden in WV. They support republicans. The party that cuts healthcare and food stamps for the working class. They only want tax cuts that benefit the wealthy. This West Virginian has nothing in common with republicans.

If Mulvaney and Bolton would have been allowed to testify to the House and they confirmed that Trump was trying to coerce Ukraine, how would the Republicans feel about impeaching and removing Donald Trump from the Presidency? Please have them testify in the Senate trial to get the truth once and for all for our Republic!

Here is a thought, you now have Democrats quoting past leaders like Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson about the Constitution relating to the impeachment of President Trump. They are the same people that only 6 months ago wanted their statues removed because they owned slaves. Nothing but hypocrites.

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