Readers' Vent: Dec. 30, 2019

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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I’m very antisocialism. I have worked and paid into Social Security since I was 15 years old. Retired now and pay $149 per month out of Social Security for Medicare. Socialism is crap. Work for what you get!

It’s very unfortunate that the impeachment is being viewed as partisan. The Democratic controlled House is doing its job while the Republican controlled Senate is nothing more than an extension of the White House. Congress is an equal branch of government. The Senate is offering it as a puppet for an impeached president. Open your eyes. Trump is loyal to no one. He will bring you down while building himself up. He is a bully, a racist, and impeached for his actions as president.

I had to laugh when I heard a reader say that Trump was dividing the country. I hate to tell them but it’s the democrats that are the dividers. Obama was the great divider not Trump. Liberals Democrats even divided their own party. That’s why I left it.

Social Security and Medicare were insurance programs you earned by working. They were never meant to be just handed out for free. Our taxes were reduced thanks to Mr. Trump. Eight years of Obama divided our country and broke records increasing the national debt. If your beloved socialism is so great. Why are people fleeing it to come to America?

I see where Jim Justice is bragging about fixing our roads. I would like to invite him to drive out Sam’s Fork Road and see one that he missed. It’s only 20 minutes from the Capitol and looks like it’s in a third-world country.

So the venter, who may think himself a Christian, doesn’t want to welcome refugees?! Have you read the horrific conditions from which they flee? Many of our ancestors came here looking for a better life even though they weren’t wanted by the native Americans. What if the refugees’ names were Mary, Joseph and Jesus, who had to flee to Egypt? Your Bible has many references to welcoming refugees.

If I contribute towards a service then it’s not socialism. It’s socialism when those who don’t contribute get the same things as do those that do. When someone receives something they help pay for it’s a benefit. When someone gets something they don’t pay for it’s a socialistic entitlement. Big difference.

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