Readers' Vent: Dec. 12, 2019

Tax cuts to coal companies for a fund for miners with black lung; tariffs affecting West Virginia exports in hardwoods and automobile parts. Why do West Virginians like Donald Trump?

It looks like our entire delegation will sit on their hands while Trump continues to weaken Ukraine and promote Russia.

I am not against progress and better roads, but it only makes sense to take care of the roads we have that are falling apart before building new ones. The main road through Nitro is in worse shape than it has ever been. The lottery and casinos were supposed to help fund roads, schools, but they are asking to be bailed out with taxpayer money. Fix the roads!

When this multi-billion dollar impeachment process fails, everyone who tried to push it should be impeached for false accusations.

Nowadays in sports just as in Republican politics it is permissible to cheat and violate the law to win at any cost. Our country is simply getting uglier and much less civil and law abiding.

Regarding gun violence, we need to redirect our anger from the police and toward the NRA and politicians.

I think Court Street should remain. It’s been named that for many years and it’s where the courthouse is located. There are at least 900 streets already named for Dr. King.

Wow! I thought we were going to see some needed paving by our state road near the Nitro bridge in St. Albans when I saw a 13-man crew, but they were only patching potholes. It does not take that many men to patch holes. Where is supervision or accountability?

Whatever happened to the gigantic lighted wreaths that hung on the outside of the Culture Center? I haven’t seen them in a couple of years. They were beautiful.

Since 9/11 we have been blindly compounding our fallout damage by spending over a trillion dollars on Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. It is insane self defeating nonsense. We need to change. The purpose of war should be to destroy an enemy, not ourselves.

Renaming Court Street after an American hero, Martin Luther King Jr. is a no-brainer. I hope it is approved. It is the least we can do, given what happened to the Triangle District during urban redevelopment.

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