Readers' Vent: Dec. 10, 2019

We have verified documented evidence for slavery, Sandy Hook, 9/11, Holocaust, etc. There is none for impeachable crimes and climate change, which indicates hoax.

Renaming Court Street is a crazy idea. I hope city council does not vote for the change.

Tyranny, democracy, socialism and anarchy all share an identical rationale. It is the flawless and indisputable observation that “Any damned fool could govern as well as these clowns.”

Who were the local big pharma pill pushers? Are they being scrutinized or swept under the rug? I’m sure there must be some big fine homes that were built off the suffering of others.

I’d rather have somebody willing to use “the button” in office than somebody bowing to our enemies. Yes, he tweets but it’s the only way his side of story will ever be told. Media won’t do it. The lady “testifying” had no factual evidence of bribery. Just hatred for our President.

My hometown is a former coal camp. As late as the early ’80s, dozens of active coal miners lived here. Now there might be two. They produce more coal today with a tiny fraction of men they needed in the ’70s. Don’t believe the coal propaganda.

Do our politicians seek the approval of the Saudis because they’re the richest people in the world or is it because Trump is protecting the Saudis?

The greatest nation on earth has been dragged down to laughing stock status by our egotistical, self-serving president. When the leaders of our most loyal allies find his actions to be laughable, it is time for our people to open their eyes and understand the reality of his actions.

You realize the Democrats and the mainstream media, including yourselves, have lost the 2020 election for the Democrats due to constant persecution of Trump instead of actually trying to help the American people. The record stock market and unemployment is none of their doing and people know it. Also don’t forget the Supreme Court seats that will go along with the election. What will you all do? Double down on a failed course of action. Not everyone thinks like you do.

It’s obvious Russians invaded and we have done nothing about it except to say there are more important things to work on. The hundreds of important issues are lying on Moscow Mitch’s desk. What a statement, we have no leadership.

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