Readers' Vent: Dec. 31, 2019

There is a process for “refugees” seeking political asylum in our country. We must follow procedure. You can’t just open up the border. Research. European Union opened up borders allowing Middle East “refugees” to migrate all across Europe. Now in many cities it isn’t safe to visit or live.

Once again we read of an insane attack against a church, with a member being killed. This time, it was stopped quickly by armed church members taking out the shooter. If they had to wait for a police response, how many more would have been killed? So much for the Gazette argument against good guys carrying!

There have been many serious, inappropriate and questionably illegal actions of the Trump campaign and administration. But, none as serious as his invitations to foreign countries to involve themselves in our democratic elections, the foundation of our democracy. That is the basis for his impeachment. The facts are indisputable.

Wedge issues work great for GOP politics. Problem is they don’t work well for the long term health of the church. Membership continues to dwindle while they use immigrants as their latest imaginary villains.

Wow, Rev. English! Great op-ed about true compromise and collaboration. Dr. King would be proud, and that’s the best way to honor his memory.

When is the City of St. Albans going to do something about the mess at Fifth Avenue and Third Street. It is a big mudhole where pickup trucks have spun their tires slinging mud onto the house, the street and sidewalk. People have to walk out onto the street to walk around the trucks parked on the sidewalk and the neighbors are kept up all hours of the night with the trucks and their loud mufflers.

I am also fed up when my gifts are not acknowledged. People have no problem mailing the invitations, but then their social graces are nonexistent when it comes to mailing thank you cards.

Politics today is an exercise of lying to favor the financial backers of the politicians, truth be damned.

Surrendering your guns because criminals have too many is like sterilizing yourself because your neighbor has too many kids. But seriously no one ever thanks about people who live out of town where the police response time isn’t very good. How are they supposed to protect themselves?

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