Readers' Vent: Dec. 16, 2019

I have figured it out! Trump supporters aren’t as thrilled with him as they are repelled by so-called liberals. This is where their fuel is coming from. It is a vicious cycle that is being fanned by manipulators of our emotions.

Editorial in last Sunday’s paper listing all the positives of Medicare For All. Just like the the Democrat candidates it left out the important part. How to pay for it? No mention of raising taxes.

I agree. We do not need any laws that only serve or protect certain groups. The bottom line is this; either we live in country where we are all equal or we don’t. It was always a mistake to deny people’s equal rights; but it’s also wrong to single people out for special rights and protections. Both are forms of discrimination.

So much news coverage about the Saudi who killed three people at the Naval Base, but zero coverage of the 19 cops who killed two innocent people in Florida. Interesting. Everyone should be concerned about what they’re not being told.

Educated people are not your enemy. Climate scientists are not out to hurt West Virginia’s economy. U.S. Diplomats exist to promote the interest of the U.S. Teachers want to help students learn. Blanket comments that oppose these facts are conspiracy theories and lies.

U.S. coal production now is greater than any time between 1900 and 1977. Mechanization has reduced the manpower needed by 90%. In WV’s coal towns we still act as if everyone we know works in the mines. It simply isn’t true.

I would like to know how replacing rock with rock on Kanawha River in Charleston will prevent erosion better? We need so many other things. So please use our money wisely.

You Democrats need to think real hard about who you are going to vote for in the next election! The Democrats you voted for to represent you, are not doing their job. They spend all of their time trying to figure out how to get rid of “impeach” the president we voted into office.

The DOC Nazi Salute picture coupled with the series of settlements involving State Police points to a department culture that does not promote respect for minorities in particular and civil rights in general. It’s time to clean house, starting with Secretary Sandy. The trainees in the picture? It’s a shame we can’t tar and feather them!

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