Readers' Vent: Dec. 25, 2019

I would like to thank both Judy Crookshanks and David Grubb for their articles in Saturday’s paper. We need more articles like this to explain to the public what is really happening with regard to this president and the Senate Republicans. Thank you so much for doing your job without fear of reprisals. Please keep them coming.

Never fear fellow reader: There are plenty of us that will always defend our country against socialism. We will never capitulate.

I guess the mayor of Charleston should now realize that the CPD officers absolutely did nothing wrong after the federal judge acquitted the state trooper of excessive force. One for the good guys.

I don’t think that Governor Justice has the right to accept refugees on behalf of the West Virginia people into our state.

The NFL and the NBA are nothing but a bunch of overpaid punks who disrespect our flag and our nation.

I’ve been back from Florida about a week and a half to spend Christmas with my children and grandchildren. Well as usual in Kanawha County I have to boil my water for 24 hours. It’s safe to say the water company is really sticking it to the community of Charleston and the surrounding area.

If the only quarterback that Doc Holiday has is Green, then Marshall is in trouble for the next two years.

I was born in Charleston. I grew up in Charleston. I served Charleston for nearly a quarter century. This is not the city I grew up in and served. This is not somewhere I’d want to live and raise my children. What has happened to the city I loved? Whatever it is, it’s not good.

Who all profited from pushing the pills into West Virginia? I’m not only asking about the billionaires that profited. Who were the middle men that saw it first hand and wallowed in the riches?

I don’t care how expensive it is or how high you have it lifted. If you need bright LED headlights, running lights and mounted light bar to drive on the street in the dark. Maybe you should park it and ride with your girlfriend.

There is a very simple way to avoid being beaten by police officers — do what they tell you to do. It is not an option to keep running, driving or cursing them. I don’t know how people were ever taught to do otherwise, but believe me if you simply comply with the officer you won’t get beaten and then feel compelled to sue the citizens of Charleston for your mistake.

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