Readers' Vent: Dec. 13, 2019

The president is displaying his adolescent mind again. Thunberg won Time’s person of the year, so childish Trump immediately projects his anger issues onto the actual child. It is called coveting and used to be considered sinful.

The impeachment charges against Trump are not false. It’s just that Republicans are so happy with him they don’t want to kick him out.

I don’t care the reason; or for who or what some want to change the name of a street to, it should require a vote of the people. Anyone who lives in Charleston or pays the user fee, which is a tax no matter what politicians call it, should have a say. Naming a street should not be left to politicians. They only do anything for politics not for what the majority of people want.

In my experience, people who think climate change is a hoax also think evolution is a hoax. Science means nothing to them.

Shouldn’t Mountain Health Network be spending the $1.75 million on patient care rather than on naming rights?

Foreign countries have been gouging our economy for decades because of unfair trade agreements. We finally have a president willing to stand up to these countries and say enough is enough. Yes, the tariffs hurt at first but the foreign countries need our goods too and are returning to the table renegotiating agreements we can live with.

I will tell you why the interstate lights are not working and it is due to poor installation and it is about time our government makes them get it corrected on the contractors’ dime. Some have been out for months especially the Dunbar/South Charleston interstate bridge.

Does a presidential candidate have any responsibility for the ethics of those who run his or her campaign? Is there no screening process? Should the actions of presidential campaign personnel be of no concern if they are not caught?

While I agree with the writer about President Trump’s character, I believe he must be impeached. Because of his many crimes, for which he goes unpunished, he must go down in history with an asterisk by his name, forever classifying him as a scoundrel.

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