Readers' Vent: Dec. 6, 2019

I’d like to know when the last time was that the venter who complained about “special protections” because we are “all equal” was fired from a job for being heterosexual or denied an apartment rental because they’re white?

I’m beginning to think our federal prosecutors in West Virginia are both Catholic and were both beneficiaries of Bransfield’s generosity with money stolen from the church and hospital. Otherwise, Bransfield would have long since been indicted for bribery of high church officials, embezzlement, and who knows what other crimes. County prosecutors can prosecute stealing, too. Are they all part of the plot?

Just like all the other “expert witnesses” pulled into impeachment hearings. The anti-Trump law professors did nothing more than make their hate for him official. Their testimony was nothing but opinion. You can’t impeach because of opinion.

Kamala’s campaign failed not because of gender, skin color or lack of funds. It failed because, like most Democrats, she wasn’t very well liked.

A vent on Wednesday commented that other states around West Virginia are doing well and wondered why we weren’t. The answer is simple. Our state and local officials have always ascribed to the one trick pony theory of an economy. If it’s not an extraction industry run by corrupt interests that destroy our land and run off with the proceeds, they’re not interested. All they ask is that they get their palms greased first. Nothing will change until we rid ourselves of these vultures.

Been watching the hearing on impeachment. Sounds like the Democrats could use a trip to the bathroom. They are so full of it.

Student college loans should be paid by the one who takes the loan, not by the taxpayer. I know people who make three times the money I get for retirement and still have loans. Be responsible and pay your own bills and don’t depend on the government (taxpayer) to pay your way!

I am sorry for anyone who has had such medical problems it affected their basic financial stability, but if you think letting the government take over your health care is the answer, you are mistaken. Anybody remember the medical care you or your family received in the military? That is what it will be like. You get what we give you. Oh yes, you can appeal it, but you will lose.

How many other wealthy West Virginians are getting huge government handouts? Surely Big Jim isn’t the only one. Many of them run some sort of farm as nothing more than a legal tax avoidance scheme. Now they’re receiving welfare checks to boot.

Governor Justice should use his $125,000 farm handout to replace money Trump is taking from our SNAP program.

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