Readers' Vent: Dec. 17, 2019

Having the right to a job, home and marriage shouldn’t be a special right. But like previous racist laws, laws must be passed to ensure gays have these rights too.

I will never accept paying higher taxes just so we can increase welfare or provide so-called free health care for everyone. Think about this; we’ve had this argument for decades and still Americans are divided on the issue. That alone should be enough to drop it.

The Legislature must address these bright, white headlights. They are dangerous and blinding. They are a danger to on coming traffic. We’ve talked about them at work, I don’t know anyone that likes them.

The reader got it right. I voted for Donald Trump, not because I was in love with him but because he was not a liberal and I’ll gladly vote for him again. I will never vote for, support, or tolerate a liberal. It will never happen. If the Democrats ran a real old school, conservative to moderate Democrat they’d get my vote every time.

The agriculture industry is getting twice as much bail out money as the auto industry did. The auto industry paid theirs back with interest. Will Gov. Jim Justice, the state’s only billionaire, pay back the bailout money he received?

Trump says that climate change is a Chinese hoax. If we do nothing about it, your grandchildren will suffer beyond belief. There will be wars over land, food and just picture a world with tens of millions of refugees. Science is real.

Those in charge of education in West Virginia have a hang-up when it comes to social studies. They seem to worry that the word social gives the impression of folks getting free stuff. Social studies is about the social sciences, like the physical sciences, but not defined by mathematics that few can understand. It’s about how folks function individually, how they organize themselves, and about their economy works.

If you want your kids to stay off the internet? All you have to do is get Frontier service.

Trump isn’t winning, Putin is winning. Putin is winning in the US, Great Britain, Ukraine, Europe, Turkey and Syria. And China is winning in the South Pacific, Asia, South America and Africa. No, Trump is not winning and more importantly, the USA is not winning anywhere.

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