Readers' Vent: Dec. 5, 2019

The Constitution provides that we are all created equal. If that is actually true then I believe it’s wrong to ever give anyone special protections because of who or what they are. When you give special treatment or protections to some we create a divide. We are either all equal or we are not. It can’t be both ways.

Another day, another disclosure of corruption in the Bransfield syndicate. Sexual predator, abuse of power, misuse of funds, potential bribery/payoffs — if this was a common citizen, how long ago would we have been sitting in jail? But not a word of official action against Bransfield — dual standards?

Who are we going to vote for governor? Who is the best of the worst? Eliminate Justice due to him not paying his bills. Anyone that can’t pay their bills should never be in a political office. Thrasher was fired by Justice and we still don’t know why.

I am against renaming Court Street. It is ridiculous to keep changing street names. All it does is mess up out-of-towners’ GPS. We have enough drivers going the wrong way on streets now.

Kamala Harris was not my first choice, but it’s a shame that running for president comes down to money.

Many people have been brainwashed by Democrat candidates saying that socialism is a utopia of nothing but happiness and freedom. Research and ask, why have so many people fled socialism in Europe and South America? They are running away from the socialism you people think is so great.

A vote for Trump or any of his supporters is a vote to support Russia and Putin. It is also a vote against democracy and the United States Constitution.

It will be interesting to see how Bransfield responds to the Letter of Amends from the Diocese. Will he show remorse and willingness to comply, or will he continue his stance of arrogant self importance? If the latter, it will not bode well for him as the civil and criminal courts deal with his transgressions. And ultimately, he will have to answer to a much higher source than either court. His future here on earth looks bleak and it looks like even darker for eternity. Justifiably so.

Fellow citizens, not withstanding reports to the contrary, the Emperor has no clothes.

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