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We should feel at ease now that Pence is protecting us from that virus. He won’t have to rely on scientist or career government workers. He can ask God. If God doesn’t know the answer he can ask Trump.

For all the people clamoring for universal health care and socialism, Google tax rates for any of these countries that they are praising.

There are only three groups that should get free healthcare. Our elderly, our severely handicapped, and our military folks who actually served in combat roles. That’s it. Everyone else should pay for their coverage. I work and I don’t mind paying for my coverage or the coverage of the three groups I mentioned. I don’t like paying for anyone else.

The United States has a Surgeon General. Why isn’t he leading the coronavirus response?

Our leaders need to be smarter about managing our natural gas supplies. Instead of sending it out of here in pipelines why not encourage companies and people to locate here for the gas. We shipped our coal out and have nothing to show for it.

I am mystified as to why a radio station had lead their newscast and/or reported about bricks falling and a building being torn down for a week now. I’m waiting for the story about paint drying somewhere.

Another gun confiscated at Yeager Airport by someone who “forgot” it was in their luggage. Two questions: Why is their name not published and what actually happens to their weapon and fine? Is the fine reduced or dropped and do they get their weapon back eventually? We never hear about that.

When anyone challenges an illegal or unconstitutional action of Trump, they are immediately labeled a sore loser. “Loser” is a accurate label because Americans, our Democracy, and the Constitution are the “losers.