Readers' Vent: Feb. 6, 2020

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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We should all be unified in protecting all of our constitutional rights. They are all equally precious and many have given their lives to protect each and every right. I am not willing to give up or allow any of my constitutional rights. It’s up to the individual if they wish to exercise their each right or not. It’s not up the government or a political party. That who our rights protect us from.

To the ill-informed out there, the United States of America, by the design of the founding fathers, is not a democracy. We are a Democratic Republic. There is a difference. You might want to look it up.

Pelosi and the Democratic party are cry babies and sore losers. Her public display during and after the State of the Union speech was sickening and despicable.

OK, where’s my share of the increased economy Trump is bragging about? I just don’t see it.

Thanks to the extremist Republican Party and Trump it is now OK to enlist the help of a foreign country to investigate a political rival. Putin and other corrupt world leaders are willing to help Trump stay president, even the Iranians are pleased. Republicans are such hypocrites. Trump’s new doormat for the White House is the American Constitution.

Suddenlink wants my cellphone business. Absolutely no, after experiencing their erratic cable/internet service, poor customer service and high prices you gotta be nuts to allow them a bigger role in your life.

The government’s own study proves that after accounting for differences with age and gender, marijuana use does not increase traffic accidents, unless it’s mixed with alcohol. So tell me again which substance should be illegal.

Last night’s stunt by Pelosi and her Democrats just cost them what little chance they had to win the White House, House or Senate for years to come.

Trump says the economy is great, so what’s wrong with West Virginia? Here I think we’ve had enough of our Republican government that seems determined to put us all in the poorhouse.

Watching the State of the Union address, when you look up the definition of sour grapes, it’ll have Nancy Pelosi’s picture with it.

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