“Risk taker” Buzz Foods receives a $2-plus million Abandoned Mine Lands Pilot Program grant (gift) to construct a livestock slaughter and processing facility in the Kanawha Valley. The grant covers all costs associated with acquiring, constructing, equipping and operating the facility which may employ 25 to 30 full time employees and 15 to 20 temporary trainees. Where is the risk? This is a win/win for Buzz Foods! How many welders, electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians would $2 million train within the existing job training programs?

Those on the left love to call anyone a racist when given the slightest opportunity to do so. Overuse of the word has caused it to totally lose its meaning.

If, as Senator Carmichael says, private, religious or online schools to which parents pay tuition through educational savings accounts “shall be given maximum freedom ... without governmental control,” why not just exempt some public schools from government oversight and see what happens? It’d be a way less expensive experiment.

All these people saying they voted for Justice and now regret it. Been saying it for years. If local news outlets endorse a candidate. Vote for the other one.

Sorry teachers. You might be in the news everyday, but in the company breakrooms, on the bleachers, in the gym, diners and on the street, many everyday people don’t support your constant whining and demands.

We haven’t heard from the global warming doubters this week with temps in high 70s-low 80s for the first week of February. When it gets cold for one or two days they get all fired up. Please remember climate change is something that happens over a long period of time not one or two days.

Love is love, Delegate Porterfield. Love conquers all.

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