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I do believe Couch Huggins makes enough money to pay his own fine. There’s no need for a “Go Fund Me” page. Get real!

The thing about Nationalism is you get stars in your eyes for Strongmen like Mussolini and Hitler who always end with prison stripes. And your children or theirs, must clean up the shame of losing democracy. That is not the “Stars & Stripes” you adore!

Some Republicans are watching voter polls to see how to vote concerning Trump’s impeachment. Shouldn’t they be more focused on what’s right and wrong?

Dumbing down Social Studies? Only if enough students take an elective course will it be taught? Maybe most students will take the easiest courses? Maybe not enough students will take a course taught by an unpopular teacher?

Why do we continue to support West Virginia American Water? They supply undrinkable water to our state. People waste so much money buying filters or bottled water. We deserve safe, drinkable water. We deserve more than water fit only for toilets, showers and laundry.

Why is this state still lacking the prosperity of other states? Factories being built or expanding in Kentucky. Florida and Texas are booming. No income tax and low taxes respectively. This state is backward thinking and until people stop voting for the same old politicians nothing will change. Either that or wait till all the people desiring better get out of here and there’s no tax base left.

One of my best teachers of history was a geography professor in my freshman year at Marshall. He used regions and areas to teach about economics, agriculture and political strife as well as terrain and weather patterns, etc. I remember so much and it was interesting. Life encompasses all sorts of things at all times. A well-rounded citizen will know how things work together, past and present — is that not history.

Our beloved Mountaineers are looking good but need some polishing up to bring them up to the class they should really are. Just little things hold them back.

Only a complete idiot would propose more exemptions from vaccinations, but there’s no shortage of idiots in the WV Legislature.

Why do many Americans continue to believe everything that Donald Trump says. He is a narcissistic liar, continues to divide our country, has destabilizing foreign policy and thumbs his nose to the legislative arm of our government. I get it that folks love the economy and employment numbers, but so did citizens in pre-WWII Germany!

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