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That standing invitation to Fredrick County to join West Virginia is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Talk about opening a can of worms, what if Virginia extended an invitation to Jefferson and Berkeley Counties or PA an invitation to Monongahela County?

If Trump is going to post a photoshopped image of Democratic leaders in terrorist garb, perhaps the opposition should consider posting an image of Trump with a dog collar on and a leash leading directly to the hand of Putin.

The GoFundMe page for Huggins isn’t about his ability to pay his own fine. It’s a way to show support for him and we agree the officiating was very questionable.

The Republican party is not under any obligation to nominate Donald Trump for another term as President. If they want to continue to have a Republican in the White House, they would be wise to look for a true Republican, conservative, Christian, fiscally responsible, morally upright candidate. Donald Trump is none of these.

Cabell County Delegate Sean Hornbuckle might want to run for governor someday. He has the ideas West Virginia needs for the 21st century. It would be an honor to support his candidacy and vote for him.

Why are the Democrats eerily quiet about Iran now that the Iranians are protesting their own government instead of the United States?

Last week we were dangerously close to seeing an endless stream of body bags coming home from the Middle East. If Iraq were really ready to attack an embassy those missiles would not have been the end of it. Will Trump’s lies ever cost him the support of most Christians?

The collective unconscious of the U.S. is schizophrenic. There are at least three personalities showing, the money changers, the academics and the faith healers. No division is dominant and the dialectic isn’t working.

No. The Democrats have turned the swamp into a sewer. President Trump is draining the swamp exposing creatures. The Democrats keep refilling it with sewage trying to hide what was being exposed. The more the Democrats try to hide. The more gets exposed.