Readers' Vent: Jan. 17, 2020

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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I guess Ms. Gilmore has blocked out the part of her arrest where she was actively resisting and fighting with the officers. She was the one in the wrong. Not the police. And the arrest was in no way brutal. I support our police. They did nothing wrong.

Right off the top, the Legislature leads with a bill to get the emotions of their pro-life constituent’s intellectual commitments stirred even though it has nothing to do with their bellwether issue. What about dealing with foster care, adoption or other meaningful quality of life advancements that would prevent the many of the issues they legislate against?

Mac Warner has made a grave mistake buying ExpressVote touchscreen machines because they are paperless with no way to verify the accuracy of the tally so we’ll never know when Republicans cheat.

I see the Legislature wants to put red emergency lights on tow trucks. They took them off in 1972. Tow trucks drive around with their lights flashing all the time now for no reason. Keep them yellow so motorist will not confuse them with a fire truck or ambulance.

Over the last 60 years coal communities have steadily disappeared. Voting for a liar that promises the return of the mines is as desperate as the communities themselves.

I couldn’t help notice last week in two sections of automobiles not a mention of Buicks. I have always bought Buicks but something is happening with this brand. Not everyone wants a SUV, Crossover or a mid-size sedan. What happened to the big Buick sedans? Please bring them back.

The pressure is building to force technology companies to supply a digital “back door” for police to use to investigate the contents of digital devices. To do so would make all of us, even the police, much less secure because it wouldn’t be long before criminals would be able to use the same “back door,” not to mention inevitable abuse by whoever has the key. Please do not support this stupid idea of a digital “back door” for police use.

It’s simply ludicrous for Democrats to say that President Trump escalated or initiated any conflict with Iran. Iran has always been the aggressor. We act in response to their attacks. We cannot allow these attacks to go unanswered as we did in the past. The Iranians see this as weakness. Democrats need to stop playing petty politics and start doing what is best for our country.

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