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More environmental regulations are being trashed by Trump so his billionaire buddies can become richer and our environment will continue to degrade. What a guy.

Trump takes out a bad guy and the Democrats start running their mouths about it. Hey, you bunch of dummies, this guy would be killing American soldiers. The liberals have such a hate for this president, they don’t care for American lives. So so sad. I would not want to be in your shoes.

I would like to say thanks to the person or persons who so nicely paid for my meal at the Kanawha City Bob Evans on Dec. 9. I so appreciate your thoughtfulness. Happy to know there is still gracious, thoughtful people around. God bless you.

Thirty-five percent of West Virginians are organ donors. That is pitiful. If your loved one needed help you would pray for a donor.

On the verge of war with Iran or North Korea and what does Trump do? Raid the Pentagon of billions of dollars to build his wall.

It makes perfect sense for the Justice-led WVDE to do away with many Social Studies classes. The less a populace knows about civics and history the easier they are manipulated by the Republican oligarchs that make up our state and national governments. Ignorance isn’t bliss — it’s subservience to our Republican masters.

As we wait for the impeachment trial to start I wonder if our senators will put self interest and party over country.

Supporting President Trump has nothing to do with morality, honesty, or Christianity. It is about having someone in that office who will push back against liberal, progressive Democrat dogma, which many of us don’t like, or want.

Our Republican legislators are being hypocritical, pretending to support the elimination of overly burdensome state laws and regulations, while simultaneously making our agricultural hemp and medical cannabis program regulations the most bizarre, restrictive and convoluted mess of bureaucratic red tape in the nation. It is so bad that medical cannabis patients will continue to suffer without access for another 1 to 2 years while our WV agricultural hemp farmers are being over-regulated out of business.

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