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Supporting America First in no way makes you a nationalist. I believe in protecting our individual liberties and rights above all else. I blindly follow no man. I believe in holding the individual responsible for their actions. I believe in paying your own way through life. I believe that the only people that we should be supporting are our elderly and our severely handicapped. Does that make me a nationalist? Absolutely not. It makes me an American. Those are the very principles our nation was founded on.

Someone vented that Americans have “always” trusted government, but the President has damaged that trust with lies. I am in my 70’s and profound mistrust of the federal government has been present all over since I was a small boy, sitting at the supper table, listening to my father talk about how the feds were crippling his business, and endangering our family’s future.

I live in Winfield, what can be done about my neighbors dogs come over and now your business? We need help. The dogs run free all the time. Help someone.

WV is a lot like Australia. There are few wealthy residents who own lots of coal that is still in the ground. Like Australia they will get paid for that coal even if the locals suffer the terrible consequences.

You know the Democrats and the media are playing into the Russians hands by trying to delegitimize Donald Trump’s election. It is to weaken us. I’m not so sure that some aren’t being paid and the rest are sheep.

The Republican Party is and always will be the swamp. America has been duped by the dopes. Republicans are the real swamp and deep state. Open your eyes America.

You have to give it to Trump — when truth catches up with him, he is quick to generate another issue that will divert attention away from his current problems. Killing the Iranian General is just the latest in his long reaching schemes to serve that purpose.

Hypocrites. The very same Democrats condemning President Trump for not informing Congress before eliminating the world’s leading terrorist threat, praised and supporting Obama for elimination Bin Ladin with a secret mission.

Hey Jim Justice, where’s our money from the roads to prosperity plan? You people who voted for increased taxes and fees should be very satisfied. It’s going on three years and the roads are getting worse and worse.