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There may be a disconnect between the liberals and conservatives in that if these ideas are brought to fruition, we all pay for it. Put all those ideas together for funding and government printing presses couldn’t spit out enough money to pay the bills. I was a liberal as a youngster, then I started paying taxes!

If these liberal college students need a safe space, then I need a safe space for my guns! How about Kanawha County becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary county! What a great idea!

No. Our need for guns grew because people like you keep electing socialists and liberals who keep supporting our enemies and giving rights to criminals. The right to bear arms is in the Constitution in the first place to protect us from the people you are trying to elect.

The citizens of Kanawha County deserve better water quality than the West Virginia water company is providing! Every day of the year there is a boil water notice in the Charleston Gazette-Mail. Something is wrong and the governor needs to look into this! Why not have one of your little city council work groups look into this problem mayor?

Guns are not allowed at NRA headquarters in Reston, Virginia. Go figure.

It will always be Court Street. It makes no sense to want to name a street after a individual who has no ties to our city. I didn’t care when they changed the name of Broad Street to Leon Sullivan Way. He had direct ties to our city. King has none.

The Democrats are acting like there will never be a Democrat president with a Republican House and possibly Senate again. Just like Harry Reid and his nuclear option must have thought there would never be another Republican Senate or didn’t care.

I will never shop in Putnam County again.

It’s crazy to say that Americans used to trust their government. That has never been the case. President Reagan said it’s best the most terrifying words in the English language are: “I’m here from the government and I’m here to help.” While I love my country, I in no way trust the federal government with my well being. I can’t believe that anyone would be so naive as to blindly trust it.

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