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To Department of Education, Superintendent Steve Payne, and President of the Board of Education Dave Perry: Thank you for listening to your public by keeping the present social studies standards as they were. We know how important the social studies standards are in the world we live in today.

Be thankful and grateful for what you have. Whether it be family, friends or riches. Because brother, no one gets out of life alive.

Hate the liberals? Hope you don’t ever need welfare, Medicaid, Social Security, Medicare, disability, dialysis, veterans benefits or the plethora of programs that benefit the common man that were created by liberal politicians. Perhaps you are conservative. Name some benefits they have created to benefit the average person. I’m waiting?

It’s hard to square the number of people who claim to be patriots and to love democracy and our country with the fact that they hate and distrust the federal government and hate their fellow citizens because they are “liberals.” You can’t hate half of your countrymen and your government and be a patriot.

The problem with liberal progressives is their unwavering belief they always are right about every social issue. They occupy the high ground on everything, and anybody who disagrees either is stupid, or prejudiced.

For all of you who are scared to go to the store without your gun, no one is trying to take your gun. Stand down before you shoot yourself in the foot or worse.

The Democrats impeachment coup and constant whining is wearing thin on everyone except an adoring media and the far left base. I believe they have succeeded in getting Trump reelected in 2020 but that is about the only thing they have got done because they are consumed by it.

The boil water advisories are the result of water line breaks in case something gets into the line during the repair process. The advisories are not because of the quality of water produced at the plant. Hard to believe adults can’t understand this.

I am a good guy with a gun. Always have been and always will be. Learn to recognize me. I just might save your life someday. You’re welcome.

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