Readers' Vent: Jan. 25, 2020

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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Going into the Senate, the House panel said they had enough evidence to impeach. Now for 48 hours they’ve been saying if they can’t get more evidence it won’t be a fair trial. Democrats are fools to think we can’t see through their lies.

What has happened to the moral fiber of our country? Professional athletes cheat to win. The president cheats to win. I have lived too long.

Apparently somebody didn’t watch anything about the rally in Richmond. Calling attendees white supremacists, militiamen, etc. There were black people, gay people and immigrants there. It was a very diverse gathering. Sadly for liberals it was nothing as bad as they had hoped.

Dreadlocks on a young black man is no different than blonde pigtails on a white girl. Scary to think that this is what educators are worried about.

Hey readers, remember that moment in “A Time to Kill” when the jurors were asked to close their eyes? Well, Senators, close your eyes and substitute Obama for Trump — you Republicans would want him convicted, jailed, and possibly executed.

I’d love to know what brain surgeon at the DOH thought it was a good idea to block two lanes of I-64 east bound during morning rush hour? They backed traffic up for miles when all they had to do was to wait one hour. Ever wonder why we are last in everything? Here’s your sign.

If you didn’t get to attend the WV Auto Show last week, you missed a great evening. Congratulations to those responsible!

About 19.5 percent of Charleston residents recycle. National average is 34.5 percent. Increase that number, Charleston, to step up and clean up.

Supposedly America = the Greatest. The jails are full, the welfare office is full, the unemployment office is full, the homeless shelter is full. The national debt is out of sight. Where are our leaders? Saying love it or leave it is like saying the way to beat cancer is die.

To suggest that supporters of President Trump are racist is nonsense. It would be like saying all who are Democrats are Communists.

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