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If Trump’s OJ-styled dream team of lawyers gets him acquitted, I wonder if he will go off to find the real perpetrators.

What is Capito thinking when she says Trump hasn’t had a chance to present his side?! He has barred witnesses from testimony and refused to turn over documents. Plus, his side would only confirm he violated the Constitution. He can’t win on his own so he has to cheat.

Adding relevant educational features to the Church Page provides the opportunity to expose folks to knowledge that they would pass if it were in a designated section. This is important as we move toward a phase in the Republic like when Rome moved to a dictatorship when the emperor was considered a god, and refusal to worship him was punishable. A stretch, but not unthinkable.

Those calling for Republican senators to put country over party should go back and read the statements of Democrat senators during the trial of Bill Clinton. Interfering with a federal investigation, lying to the FBI, and tampering with a witness wasn’t enough for Democrats to put country over party. The hypocrites are plentiful.

Sounds as if a change of leadership may be needed in the Sheriff’s Department in Putnam County!

When 99% of the Republican senators take a oath before God, which they know is a lie, it’s pretty easy to see how this trial will go.

So, in some idiot’s mind, there was no police brutality in the Gilmore case. Too bad the rest of us saw the brutality. People turn a blind eye even they know there is wrong doing. What if it was their daughter, sister, aunt or mother! Then what?

Charleston drivers — please watch for ‘no turn on red’ signs before turning at red light! There are two at the Oakwood Road/U.S. 119 intersection (coming from Exxon/CVS), but drivers constantly ignore them, almost causing collisions with cars making the legal U-turn from 119 north to south.

Now our Manchin and Capito have to place their credibility on the line. No longer can they sit in silence to indirectly support the criminal in the White House. They most vote to hear all evidence or not.

As bad as the unemployment rate and lack of good paying jobs is in WV, just think how bad things would be without all the jobs Senators Byrd and Rockefeller created. All are still going strong today.

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