Readers' Vent: Jan. 30, 2020

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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The State of West Virginia shouldn’t spend a dime more expanding traffic lanes in Cross Lanes until 1) they incorporate as their own city and 2) they put common-sense zoning in place to stop the uncontrolled and haphazard growth that caused that mess.

We gave Sen. Manchin a pass on the Kavanaugh vote due to the political dynamics at the time. That will definitely not be the case if he rolls over for Trump this time.

I see nothing wrong with asking people to change states if they want to. We are supposed to be a free people and if the citizens of a county that borders another state wish to secede and join another state why not? Allow it and then place a time frame that they would have to wait to make another change. This would also help to keep politicians listening to the people.

West Virginia is the largest state without an intermediate court. So? We don’t need another court, and we certainly don’t need the expense.

Here’s a plan to solve the school calendar issue. Start school the day after Labor Day end it the Friday before Memorial Day. Eliminate unnecessary teacher off days and early outs. Cut Thanksgiving break to two days and spring break to one day. Then switch to a year-round deer season. Problem solved. This is not rocket science folks. The school year is way too long. Deer are overrunning the state. Fix it.

Wait a minute. I thought the old venerable Mountaineer trolley was taken out of service because it had broken down and couldn’t be repaired. But now it’s going to up and running in Tennessee? Why couldn’t we keep it running in Charleston, where it belongs? I loved standing on the rear platform.

It must be a good feeling in the Legislature to continue to pass laws that help business and hurts the public and eventually will cause tax increases because of budget shortages and still be reelected over and over.

The Republican Party used to stand for honesty and integrity. Now they kneel down to Donald Trump.

It seems fairly obvious. The Democrats know they cannot defeat President Trump head-on in November, so they have concocted this impeachment show, to try to make him look bad to voters.

Epipens and insulin cannot be obtained over the counter and insulin given in a wrong dose could be deadly. That is the difference between those medications and naloxone. Also, it’s not a zero sum game.

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