Readers' Vent: Jan. 1, 2020

It baffles me that every time a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy after they “only” kill a few people that the argument is never why the bad guy should NOT have a gun, but why more good guys should. Sickening.

So a grandmother pats a Disney World character on the head and she goes to the hospital claiming neck injuries?? I smell a rat and it’s name is not spelled Mickey Mouse it’s spelled l-a-w-y-e-r.

Trump is the master of punching down. Like a grade school bully, he wanders around starting fights with like minded people rooting him on. He attacks women and children running for their life and sucks up to Putin and the Saudi Prince.

To all the venters who abhor socialism because they don’t want to support so called “freeloaders” getting something for nothing: there will always be poor people in every society. Now they have Medicaid or, if not, their medical bills are written off and we pay the price in higher healthcare costs. Don’t fight against universal healthcare for yourself, your family and fellow Americans because of a small percentage of poor people. That is what big pharma, insurance companies and healthcare corporations want you to do.

This is a response to the venter who said that refugee issues have made Europe unsafe to live or visit. Get your facts straight! I live in a major European city and I have never heard anyone there say it’s unsafe. I do hear a common complaint that my European city has too many tourists, however. Contrast that to Charleston where I’m home visiting family and friends. Everyone here tells me how unsafe the city is and how much it has changed for the worse. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. On a recent drive down Washington Street, I saw people passed out on the sidewalk in broad daylight. Clean up your own town before throwing stones.

With Right to Work and the repeal of Prevailing Wage, the ignorance and stupidity of Senate President Mitch Carmichael and his cronies are ruining opportunities for thousands of our young people. West Virginia needs the good paying union jobs that have allowed folks to earn decent wages for many years.

Everything about the sale of Bishop Bransfield’s mansion stinks. My mother used to tell me not to be a sheep. The Catholics in West Virginia need to stop being sheep who are fleeced by their own hierarchy.

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