Readers' Vent: Jan. 9, 2020

The main reason that Trump has failed to drain the swamp that is the federal government is that the swamp runs deeper than anyone ever thought possible and controls everything. I don’t think one man can drain the swamp. It will take citizen patriots to finally drain that swamp and to restore a functioning government.

I believe the assassination of the Iranian commander was a Trump diversion to make him look like a hero in the face of his impeachment trial. I can almost imagine Trump and his No. 1, aka, Lindsey Graham cooking this up over a game of golf. They might have even included Rudy, Rush, Sean, Kim and Kanye in the discussion. As usual, his diversion backfired and now look at the mess we are in with Iran and the deployment of our military men and women.

The venter proposing a theme park in Southern West Virginia is absolutely dead on, but about 35 years late. This was proposed back in the ’70s for the old Sun Mine location (now the site of the Boy Scout facility). But the Fayette County commissioners and business bureaus did not support it, as they expected coal to remain king in West Virginia. Now, with the financial problems the Scouts are having due to misbehaving scoutmasters, we may see a developed site for sale cheap sometime down the road.

Know-it-all liberal co-worker criticizing the recent action against Iran. Had no idea Iran was attacking our interests in Iraq. Perfect example of media not explaining entire story to their faithful listeners.

More liberal hypocrisy. Coal mines in areas of the state nobody goes to destroys our state’s natural beauty. But a large commercial theme park along one of our most beautiful highways would be a good idea.

Someone has suggested that the Macy’s building at the Charleston Town Center mall be repurposed as a casino. Brilliant idea. I think a casino is the best chance to revive the mall. Maybe the casino could be an extension of Mardi Gras Casino. Mayor Goodwin Commissioners Salango, Carper, and Shores should get on it! Go to the state Legislature this session. There’s no time to waste!

So, following Tuesday morning’s predicted snowfall, Greenbrier Street, Patrick Street and many of the roads in South Hills were either closed or impassable. Perhaps Mayor Amy should be more concerned with salting our streets rather than renaming them.

With the storm predicted two days ahead of time, it did not appear to me that the WV DOH salted even the interstates before the snow arrived. How is that possible? And what a mess. They need to invite the western Maryland highway folks to come and train them.

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