Readers' Vent: Jan. 24, 2020

Those who are the loudest advocates for term limits are also the most outspoken in complainants of government by bureaucrats. With elected officials limited in time in office the knowledge of government operations would automatically transfer to unelected experts.

Impeachment is an important role for the U.S. Senate and senators have sworn an oath to listen with an open mind at this trial, not leave the Senate to talk on FOX News. Our democracy depends on these senators and the American citizens are paying these senators to do their job. So senators, please stop cheating the U.S. citizens, however you intend to vote.

There is a huge difference in loving your country and trusting the federal government. Our founding fathers loved their country but they detested the government of the day. They also worked against the liberals of the day that supported that government. It’s who we are. So endeth the lesson.

I think inviting the NRA to switch to West Virginia is a great idea. But why stop there. Invite all the crazies who were in Richmond, the white supremacists, the militiamen, and the gun fanatics. West Virginia could become the first sanctuary state. Robert Karnes for governor. Our motto could become, “You’re not the boss of me!”

The new Democrat catchphrase is “cover-up.” Yes. There is a cover-up in Washington. Democrats are using this sham impeachment to cover-up their corrupt dealings in Ukraine and their illegal FISA warrants in the Russia investigation.

If no one is above the law as the Democrats say, then why is Hillary still walking around free.

Trump is at it again, picking on little 17-year-old Greta Thunberg over climate change disagreements. When will he ever learn to pick on somebody his own size? When it comes to the environment, she’s a mental giant and he’s a mental midget.

Mayor Mullens, please upgrade the S.C. rec center pool area. Was there with my grandchildren on Tuesday and although it wasn’t raining outside it was definitely raining inside. Puddles of water in the hallway and leaking toilets in the ladies room too. Come on this is driving people away.

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