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Readers' Vent: July 31, 2019

When I watch these members of Congress grandstanding by yelling, screaming, being rude and talking down to the ones who are testifying, I remember that I was brought up that all of those things usually show that the person has a low IQ and are trying to over-compensate for it.

Once again a venter makes an ignorant statement regarding climate change. Please list the scientists who disagree and their explanation of what is actually going on.

Again it is proven that we are in extreme danger from white men with guns rather than so-called illegal aliens.

While the politicians and media continues to promote Russias interference with our election, they fail to admit that America has been trying to influence the outcome of elections around the world as well.

Glad to see that this president has not been invited to address the Scout Jamboree this time.

It is foolish indeed to believe the Russians care only about working with/for Republicans. Russians are working for Russia and it doesn’t matter what party it may be, D or R. The goal is division and discord, they have done an excellent job!

No need to shed any tears for Heather Bresch at Mylan. Her gold parachute was paid for by $600 Epi Pens.

Tom Beal’s letter last week was right on point. There is a monster leading our country. I just hope I live long enough to hear how his defenders today, defend themselves, in the aftermath.

Charleston really needs a high-end department store. It is hard with the closing of Elder-Beerman and Macy’s. A Belk store would be nice.

Why the proliferation of extensive articles on Marshall football in the Gazzette-Mail? Seems each day long articles appear with a much shorter and cryptic one on WVU. Got news for you, this is WVU territory and why Chuckie was not appreciated much.

I enjoy reading E.J. Dionne’s columns, reprints from the Washington Post, because they are good insights into how Socialists think.

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